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Who We Are

Welcome to The Bard and Bear! We are so happy to have you.

We are Steven and Megan Edmonds, owners and operators of your new local games café. We are life-long board game lovers and second-generation D&D players. It has been our dream to open a games café for many years, and we are excited to join the neighbourhood!


At The Bard and Bear, we encourage creativity and foster storytelling. We believe that the best things come from people working together.  We're here to bring people together at the table, over good food and good games.


Steven has been playing games his entire life, and has been active in the Hamilton board game scene since he moved to the city in 2014. Before that, he worked as a camp counselor and leadership trainer, a producer for the CBC, and even spent time working on an alpaca farm.

His favorite games are Lords of Waterdeep, Hive, and Power Grid. He plays a level 18 Warforged Paladin in Megan's campaign.



Megan has been playing board games with her family since Settlers of Catan called them "soldiers" instead of "knights" — and she gets the credit for introducing modern board games to Steven! She’s also known in some circles as Dr. Suttie, having spent 6 years teaching and researching at McMaster before defending her PhD on fantasy literature in September 2021. (You can buy her book, if you're looking for an academic take on fantasy school stories!)

Her favourite games are Castles of Burgundy, Bohnanza, and Farkle. She plays a level 16 Elven Artificer/Cleric in Steven’s campaign.


We have some amazing neighbours up and down the street. Check out all that James Street North has to offer!

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The rise of Critical Role: How a crew of 'nerdy-ass voice actors' became Dungeons & Dragons rock stars

CBC Radio
31 December 2022

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