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April Events

March 31st - Closed

1st - Closed

7th - D&D One-Shot*

13th & 14th - Noon Prerelease

15th - LARP Night (Tickets!)*

16th - 7pm Prerelease

25th - Board Game Meet Up

Every Wednesday - Commander Night

*Ticketed event

Wight Wedding



Monday, May 13th @ 7 pm

$25 per person | Tickets on Eventbrite

The Lizenby and Balrose families cordially invite you to the first marriage in recorded history between a human and a ghost. Please, no jokes about “til death do us part.”

Wight Wedding is a light-hearted freeform LARP for 12-27 players. No prior experience or preparation required. Dress Code: Black tie (or your closest comedic approximation) encouraged.

Board Game Meet Ups

We’ve got the games, the snacks, the tables, and even the friends — you just have to bring yourself!

Join us on the last Thursday of the month for some great games with new folks.

MTG at The Bard and Bear

Commander Nights

Join us every Wednesday evening for some fun, friendly casual EDH! Beginners welcome. Games start at 7, but we’ll happily add you to a game whenever you can make it here!

How do we define casual? No infinite combos, and you’re here primarily to have fun!

$12 entry. Prizes provided.


Play D&D (and more!) at the B&B

Interested in playing TTRPGs at The Bard and Bear as a player or DM/GM? Fill in the form at the link below, and we'll help you find a group and begin your quest.

Our weekly campaigns are currently full. Join the waitlist for a campaign, and to be contacted for one-shot opportunities!

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