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Welcome to
The Bard and Bear

Good times. Good games.


Open for Play & Dining

In store dining/play, take-out, and retail available.

Reservations strongly recommended!

Call us during opening hours or use the Contact form at the bottom of the page to book yours.

For same day reservations, please call.

Monday - Closed
Tuesday - 4-11
Wednesday - 4-11
Thursday - 4-11
Friday - 4-12
Saturday - 12-12
Sunday - 12-10



For the most up-to-date information, announcements, and closures, please refer to our Instagram.


We'll be closed for a private event on Thursday, December 8th.

We'll also be closed for the holidays from Saturday, December 24th through to Monday, January 2nd.

The last day of play for 2022 is Friday, December 23rd.

The first day of play for 2023 is Tuesday, January 3rd.


What We Offer

We came to play.

Over 900 games

For every group and every age.
$5 per person. 
3+ hours of play.


Delicious food

Comfort done well.
Flavour sourced locally.

Refreshing drinks

Beer, cider, cocktails, wine, & mead.
Coffee, espresso, & tea.
All local.

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Dungeons & Dragons

Get on the waitlist

for a campaign or a one-shot.
Beginners welcome.

Experts, too.

MTG Commander & Prereleases

Commander Nights

Every Wednesday, 7 pm to close

Next Prerelease in November

Board Game Meet Up Pic.png

Community Events

Hammer Games.

Board Game Meet Ups.

Coming together around the table,

all month long.


We sell games, too!

A hand-picked selection of board games.

(We've played every one. They're all good. Promise.)

You'll also find TTRPG and D&D books and accessories, and MTG decks, packs, and more.


About Us

We are Steven and Megan Edmonds, the husband-and-wife team behind Hamilton's downtown board game café. We're so excited to invite you all over for a game night - and a chance to share our love for all things board games and Dungeons & Dragons!

Looking for Parking?

We know parking can get a little tight on James St N, so here are some recommendations:
Paid Street Parking all along James St N (Free on Saturday, Sunday, and evenings!)
Municipal Lot 36 - Just off of Mulberry St
Municipal Lot 70 - Just behind the Cathedral, access off of Hughson St N

Contact Us

Have a question?

Want to make a reservation?

Let us know!

For same-day reservations, please call during our open hours.

And please call to let us know if you're running late – we can only hold the table for 15 minutes without notice.

237 James St North, Hamilton, Ontario

905 523 0739

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